Electrical Specialists in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Installations

LEC Electrical believes that quality counts. For this reason we promise to deliver a efficient, professional and cost effective service which can be tailored to meet ever changing demands.

We are specialists in Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving and are committed to helping business' save money by reducing their energy wastage.

All of our projects are undertaken and managed by qualified electrical engineers and are certified to the highest standard. Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients..

LEC Electrical - Specialists in Electrical Installations

We specialise in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic installations. We can design your installation/maintenance program for you or produce our installation around your specification.

Please call us on 01276 452097.

Alarms, CCTV & Door Entry.

Security today is essential. We can supply and install everything from a simple doorbell to video entry and CCTV. Contact us to discuss the individual requirements for your business and we can quickly and neatly install what you need.

Fire Protection

LEC Electrical provides a comprehensive design, consultative and installation service. A full range of systems are available from simple manually actuated alarms, fully automatic water deluge systems and state of the art wireless PA & Fire Alarms.

Security Lighting

Well-lit premises are safer premises. We use a wide range of security lighting, including movement sensors and light level sensors (so the lights come on automatically as it gets dark). LEC Electrical can install new lighting for you, or get the lights that you already have working properly.

Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Systems

Automatic Fire Systems and Emergency Lighting are a legal requirement . We can address all aspects of your emergency lighting needs, supplying, installing and maintaining your system. (As emergency lighting is rarely used, it is important to test it at regular intervals).

Smoke Detectors

We supply, install and maintain Smoke Detectors

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